When we are little, we have a lot of fun craft projects that develop our creativity and our skills. As we grow older we have less and less time for such activities and eventually, they seem pointless and time-consuming. However, in the last couple of years, diy crafts have increased their popularity amongst adults. Numerous blogs and sharing platforms are filled with various projects that fulfill functional purposes as well as aesthetic ones. Today we are going to present a couple of home decorating diy ideas.

The most fun diy crafts often include balloons. If you are a beginner in crafting activities then you will be amazed of the great things that you can create with the use of a balloon and some twine. First, we will teach you to do a twine lamp. The ingredients for this project are white glue, water, cooking spray, a balloon, and a ball of twine. The first thing you should do is blow up your balloon. Mix two quarts of white glue with a quart of warm water. Draw a circle around the knot of the balloon. Keep in mind that this will determine how wide the opening of your lamp will be. Next, you should dip the twine into the glue mixture. When you get it out try to squeeze the excess glue of the twine. You can now proceed to wrap the twine around the balloon. Try to wrap it in a unsystematic manner in order to obtain a natural look. It is very important not to go outside the circle near the knot of the balloon. Once you are done wrapping the balloon, place it in a small bowl, tie it down and let it dry overnight. In the morning you can pop the balloon. By now the twine will have hardened in the shape of the balloon creating a unique lampshade. Applying it will require some basic electrical knowledge as you will have to pull the electrical string through the holes between the twine ( this must be done on top of the lamp, right in the middle) and then connect it to the light bulb. You can also use this technique to create small decorating string balls that you can place in a transparent vase or a wooden bowl.

Another one of the many diy crafts involves the decoupage technique. By using this technique you can reinvent any boring piece of furniture and it can even be a great idea if you are looking for some garden decorations. This technique is featured in more than one diy home decor blog as it can be used in a great variety of ways. It is an easy craft that doesn’t require a lot of skills. The main ingredients you need are some decoupage medium (a mix of glue and finish, Mod Podge is recommended )and paper cutouts. First, you need to clean the piece of furniture that you wish to decorate. While the furniture dries you can make a selection of cutouts. You can use magazines or even vintage paper cloths. Arrange the cutouts on the furniture and make necessary adjustments. Transfer the cutout pattern on the ground and make sure not to mess it up. Next, use a soft brush to apply the decoupage medium on the wood.

The next step is rather delicate. When sticking the cutouts to the furniture make sure the paper doesn’t wrinkle. The last step is applying some varnish in order to create an impeccable finish. This is the basic decoupage technique. It is a simple and cheap way of reinventing boring furniture as well as any other types of wooden boxes or trunks.

These are but a few of the countless diy projects that you can do with minimum effort. Whether you want to decorate your home or you just need some garden decorations there are many projects that are very easy to do and will offer great results. In order to discover other similar projects, we advise you to subscribe to a diy home decor blog. Sooner than you know, you will become a master crafter.

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