Paper crafts are usually easy to made, paper being a material that can be very easy to use by the kids, it does not need any special treatment only a little imagination to create nice crafts.

We propose to you some ideas that you could try at home with your kid.

  •  Flowering Branch

Materials: a branch of a tree without leaves (try to take from the already torn or cut); white sheet of paper, green sheet (or cardboard), yellow embroidery thread (Mouline), gout scissors, a very good glue or glue gun; Drills with flower and leaf pattern or patterns, pattern of sparrows.

The procedure:  cut flowers and foliage in white sheets of green schools;
The flowers are strung on embroidery floss, put in several layers, and stamens are formed, one by one; Knot on the front, then rear end sticks of string with tape. When it’s  ready, stick two leaves per branch, then one flower sticks above;

Birds are cut after a pattern and cling with the branch gout (You can use any pattern or you can draw yourself.

Be creative!

You can add butterflies or ladybugs paper, cut with special punches or cut from magazines or on sheets of wrapping.

Children over 6, 7.

  • Paper photo frame

Materials: cardboard colored, serrated scissors; Coated paperboard; drill (different models);
glue; A4 white sheet; crayons.

The procedure: Gather material on the work surface; From the colorful cardboard cutout with scissors with a square plain sides of about 14 cm; All tips square bend inward at a time
In each triangle thus obtained, tip or bend outward. From white paper cut out a square with sides of 12 cm and sticks inside the frame. Each side of the frame sticks over white paper.

From the colorful cardboard cutout a rectangle with a length of 10 cm and 2 cm wide.
Bend about 1 cm from each end of the rectangle, on the same side.

One side will be pasted on the frame the other will support the frame on the desk ( prove before sealing) Garnish with flowers perforated cardboard frame rubber.
We draw the mother’s face with crayons.

Children over 2 years, with parents. Parents will cut, children will be guided to stick.

You can do many other nice paper crafts with your children you only have to be creative. You could keep these things as special memories.

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