Now that holidays are arriving you have to get ready for Christmas. An important thing you should keep in mind is the decorations. You can buy them from every shop, or you can choose to make them yourself, spending a special moment with your family. Furthermore, making the decorations yourself will help you on the long run, as there are plenty of holidays coming where you can use this talent. For instance, imagine you need to find unique crafting gift ideas for your mother for Mother’s Day next year or spring crafts for the Easter holiday.

We propose you some home Christmas crafts:

  1. Dried slices of orange or lemon can be decorative refrigerator magnets. It can be polished and come to glue a small magnet.
  2. For door decorations can be used with honey and home-made coils, which was decorated with branches and small-fir and colorful ribbons.
  3. If we bought a simple wreath of fir we can make it red ribbons. It’s not hard at all to do but the effect will be different.
  4. An interesting idea is to decorate the tree only things that can be eaten: raw or dried fruits, apples, nuts, oranges, gingerbread figurines.
  5. We cut a colorful cardboard with Christmas fir models, stars, Santa, snowman. Stick back to back, two figures, to be painted on both sides. If cardboard is not colored we can paint ourselves in various colors.
  6. Of dry cake, cut into different forms of tree, stars, moon, beautiful decorations can be obtained if breathed on them with silver or gold spray.
  7. When you wrap a gift in a shoe box or other box to make it more interesting we can dress also inside with wrapping paper. Thus, the gift recipient can keep it in order to store things in it.
  8.  To obtain a special candle, a candle may be thick, white, which we put in hot water for it outside to soften. Then we apply soft wax sticks of cinnamon, cloves, sprigs of fir, dried orange slices, pushing them inward.
  9. We can put a large candle on a golden or silver tray, which has a cardboard decorated with stars of the same color or silver or gold beads.
  10. A very interesting idea for home-made Christmas decorations is to use nesting dolls. If you’re very crafty, you can build them yourself and paint them like nesting Santa Clauses. You can either hang them in your Christmas tree or arrange them on a mantelpiece or the window sill.
  11. Another great idea to do for Christmas is to make angels from straw. They are not that difficult to make, you need some strings and a little glitter to make them ready for Christmas. You can put them on Christmas Tree.
  12. Globes with glass beads: We buy medium-sized balls of different colors small beads of glass and. We draw the desired pattern around the globe, put more glue on the spot and sprinkle glass beads. Leave it to dry. Beads can be used for decorating hanging next globe. Finally, you can connect with colored ribbons.

Now, you have beautiful and unique Christmas crafts and hopefully, even some unique crafting gift ideas for your mother on Mother’s Day or for any loved one on a special occasion.

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