Health & Safety crafts refer to the habits of the children. The habits such as hygiene and what to do in an emergency situation are very important to teach. Once children begin to walk, they will become increasingly independent.

Toddlers and preschoolers will want to explore more places and make a lot of things on their own and at this stage of development of children, parents need to benefit to teach them healthy habits.

Children learn best to take care of them imitating parents and adults around them. Be a good example for your children by taking care of yourself, practicing personal hygiene and the little ones will do that too. Talk to children about germs and their role in disease and teach them measures to prevent illness.

As we all know, the best way to remove germs is hand washing with soap and water regularly. Teach them to wash their hands every time after they played out, after using the toilet, before meals and whenever required during the day. Encourage children to wash and after sneezing or have played with animals. Twenty seconds are good soapy hands, fingers, nails, and then rinse well with warm water, enough to remove any traces of germs.

Practicing these habits children begin to want to always be clean and this will become a lifestyle. A little trick to determine to want to wash their hands is the hum of a song when ever you wash their hands. You can sing along any song your children prefer.

Toddlers and preschoolers often sprayed with water when a bath. But if you add a few toys in the tub, the bathroom will be more pleasant and you will have enough time to wash it well over. Washing also the toys you have even the opportunity to teach children how to wash the doll’s fingers, dog’s legs, donkey’s ears, etc.. Pour a little baby soap in your hand and encourage him to wash himself praising each achievement.

A healthy oral hygiene it is equally important. Teach children to wash their own teeth, show them how to do the washing it with showing them how to wash and brush back for proper top, giving brushing your teeth two to three minutes. Usually children hurry and want to skip brushing the teeth, but a good idea would be a clock timer to stop only after three minutes. Such children will create a habit to brush their teeth sufficiently.

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