The Halloween Holiday is a very special holiday for many of us. Celebrated annually on the 31st of October, it is one of the most awaited holidays. Both adults and children enjoy the spirit of Halloween and especially the preparations for the Halloween night. Even if the actual event lasts only 24 hours, the arrangements for this special holiday may start even weeks before it in order for all to be organized carefully with attention to detail.
As you know, there are many DIY ideas which compete for the title of the most interesting Halloween decorations, so below you can find some inspiration for some great Halloween paper crafts:

1. Pumpkin paper craft

How could pumpkins be missing from a Halloween night? Of course they could not! One of the most simple Halloween paper crafts involves some DIY pumpkins. These paper crafts are so easy to make, that even a little child can create these beautiful handmade decorations! It is a lot of fun to make them and even more fun to take them with you on your Trick or Treat neighborhood trip! You will need only a few pieces of orange paper, cut in equal size and connected to both ends by a thread, so that all the rectangular pieces stay curved in tension. Then, all you need to do is have them slide one over another in order to form an orange sphere – and there you have your own paper pumpkin! Of course, you can decorate it even more nicely by adding some green paper leaves and a cute knitted cord so it can be easy for you to take it along wherever you go!

2. Trick or Treat Bag

The last thing you want on your special Halloween night is your outfit not to match with your Trick or Treat Bag! So how cool would it be for the Trick or Treat Bag to look like a mummy head? Take an old dark-colored paper bag, glue it here and there with some thin white paper by wrapping it disorderly around the paper bag, and then add some paper spooky eyes! You chose their color!

3. Home Decor

The inside of your home can also be decorated with simple Halloween paper crafts. You can make on your own some nice decorations for your house such as paper bats, paper spiders or paper ghosts. Whether you hang all of them on a string or one by one, the effect is extremely scary. Or, you can take everything to another level by adding some cool decorations on your windows and front door too. Uhh! Spooky!

As you can see, paper is a very easy to work with material and it is also very cheap. Moreover, when it comes to decorations, you can safely use cheap materials. The same cannot be said for Halloween costumes. While we don’t advise people to spend money on decorations, which they can make themselves, we admonish against DIY Halloween costumes. the truth is that costumes are a lot more difficult to make and if you use cheap materials, you will end up looking cheap yourself. Moreover, you can find a lot of nice and affordable costumes online. You can look for couples halloween costumes ideas, group costume ideas of best friend costume ideas. The most original ones are the couples halloween costumes ideas because it is only recently that people started wearing couple’s costumes.

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