Wood crafts are very often used to increase children capacities to build or to recognize shapes, or ever to develop his artistic senses. With little knowledge of geometry, you can create for your kid a beautiful wood puzzle. You can create it upon difficulty, depending on the age of your kid. To make your task easier, it’s recommended to use a router table such as Bosch router table that will allow you to cut the wood in any shape you need for your wood puzzle, even if you are not accustomed to this type of crafting. The Bosch router table is very solid and stable and comes with many accessories so it will help you develop a wide range of craft projects that will arouse the interest of your child.

Benefits of Wood Crafts

Wood puzzle games are like new kinds of food: you cannot say exactly whether the child likes them until they try one. These games help children develop motor skills and acuity and can play with them individually or together with other children. For some kids, wood puzzle games can become a passion that can manifest itself until adulthood. Wood puzzle games can also be an opportunity to do something with the whole family.

Most Appropriate Age for Wood Crafts

For little children, the first wood puzzle games should be the with small wooden handles for maneuvering.
At first, the child could not use his watching to resolve the game, but simply he will try every hole and every piece. But after some time he will take the idea to look before trying to match them. And this is an important step. You can help him at first showing him how to do it, but then you should step back and let him fend for himself. For ages 2-4 years, are best puzzles of two parts. Another good idea for developing the kid’s abilities using wood crafts is making a doll from a wooden spoon.
You need:
* glue;
* two meters of rope;
* a wood spoon;
* a white sheet;
* colored pencils;
* scissors;
* watercolors;
How it is done:

  1. Make a dress and shoes as the measure of the spoon. And then do two dot-hand as small nail and stained them with orange.
  2. Then cut chunks of rope, color them and after that dry the sticks on the head of the spoon. But keep about 2 x 10 cm uncolored of our rope.
  3. Now that you glued the hair and the dress you should glue also the dot on the doll.
  4. And finally draw the doll’s face. (tip: you can make it some earrings and perfume it a little)
  5. Now we can play freely and enjoy the doll.

Wood crafts are simple to make and your kid will certainly love them, especially because they created them.

Safety Tips for Woodworking with Kids

Kids can be far savvier in woodworking than we give them credit, to begin with. Thus, it is not uncommon for parents to let their children participate in woodworking projects. It is their wild, vivid imagination that makes them better at creating fun, ingenious projects. However, safety should always be your main consideration when your beloved child is doing this type of labor, especially seeing how one minor mistake could result in a serious injury. Instead of taking any chances, follow the next advice to keep your child out of harm’s way when he/she is woodworking alongside with you:

  • The child should always wear – gloves, eye protection, and appropriate clothing;
  • Make sure the child keeps an appropriate distance between his/her face and the tool/working surface;
  • Teach the child that tools are not toys! – Never joke around with this subject;
  • When you finish the project you are working on, with the help of the child, store the tools away and clean up – teaching the child to be organized makes the workspace safer.

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