Planning a wedding can cost you a small fortune, so if you want to cut some of your costs, we advise you to opt for making your own wedding favors instead of paying money on expensive gifts for your guests. If you think that you won’t have time for this type of activity, you can ask your bridesmaids to help you. That way, you will eliminate some of your stress, and you will be able to take care of other aspects that are involved in planning a wedding.

Delicious treats

Special treats appeal to everyone, men, women, children, adults. Therefore, we recommend you to use one of the simplest wedding favors ideas that involve using delicious ingredients to make great gifts for the ones who will be there for you when your big day comes. Granola represents a great option when it comes to offering your guests practical gifts. We advise you to add a label to each jar that you filled with tasty snacks because that way everyone can choose their favorite mix of granola. Other ideas for making your own wedding favors involve using sugared nuts, caramel corn, chocolate pretzels, and other sweets wrapped in ribbon, to surprise your beloved ones.

Pictures with the bride and groom

Get creative by choosing to offer your friends and family wedding favors that can do more than gathering dust in their homes. In order to give people something that will always remind them of your special day, you must ask your photographer to take pictures of each one of your guests. You also need to ask one of your friends to process the photos so that you can offer them to your guests as wedding favors when the night comes to an end. We guarantee you that everyone will appreciate your thoughtfulness, especially if you and your partner decide to appear in the photos. Furthermore, taking snapshots with your all friends and relatives represents a great occasion to talk and offer attention to each person that you invited to your wedding. That way nobody will feel left aside, and everyone will feel welcomed.

Tiny succulents

A great reward after a day filled with festivities can make people even happier than they already were. Therefore, you must focus on gifts that can last long after your special day, and that can add a fresh vibe into your friends’ homes. Tiny, simple succulents represent Eco-friendly favors that can enhance any space, so you can be confident that your idea will be appreciated. Don’t forget to attach a nice message to each vessel, because that will help you thank everyone for their presence.



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