You want to create some crafts stick where you can keep your small but valuable things? We have some ideas that might help you.

What is the idea of a jewelry box? This is where jewels are kept, in a very visible from our point of view. When you are looking for something we think you should not stay more than a few seconds. And it can be a very wonderful present. The ideas which we have gathered for you today are very easy to do so don’t be afraid about ruining your easy nail designs.

Take a cardboard box that you have at home (from a mobile phone, from a camera) – want to be as big. Cut the lid, or one of its sides so as to be sufficiently large. Take a scarf that you no longer wish to use, fold it nicely around the box and place it in so it looks nice. Not to fall, a staple in some places and-ready jewelry box.

You can create craft sticks from paper using Origami. Origami, word derived from Oru, meaning “to fold” and kami, meaning “paper” is the traditional Japanese art of folding paper, practiced since the Edo era ((16,031,867). The purpose of this art is to create representations of a object using geometric models of folding and wrinkled, preferably without stick or cut paper and using a single piece of paper. You can use stick to make it prettier, to personalize it.

I think everyone knows spy movies in which a character goes to the library, take a book and that book is hiding something. So I stole the idea and have done with a book box.

It’s very simple to do, I took a book with hard covers and I split the cover.
Then I took a stave and I cut it to the size of the book. We wrapped in paper and stave I paste it in the book. Voila, a jewelry box.

Another craft stick jewelry box idea might be this one: a box made of cardboard. All you need is cardboard cut into two hexagonal shapes, and another six pieces which will have the dimension equal with the side of the hexagon. You have to sew the edges of the pieces to look nice, after that you can start putting the pieces together using stick or even floss to be more resistant. You have to leave one of the hexagonal piece slicked only at one side to be able to open the box. As you can see, these ideas are simple yet very useful. These types of crafts can be a very enjoyable way of spending your time. Crafting can be pleasant without being troublesome, messy or time consuming. You can create a beautiful jewelry box without ruining your sophisticated or easy nail designs. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions presented above.

Hope you enjoyed these ideas, and choose one for your jewelries.

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