Boys have an inclination towards cars, they like to watch them, they like to become a driver, they want also to build cars. Even if your boy is little he would like very much to explore the cars world. In this case you can propose him to make car crafts. It is a great activity for both, the kid and you.

Felt Car

You need:

  • A colored cardboard A4 paper (purple)
  • Two wooden hooks for laundry
  • Two buttons of wood / plastic / metal
  • A decorative flea (wood)
  • watercolors
  • crayons
  • markers
  • colored paper (green / yellow / orange)
  • simple shear
  • scissors model
  • felt (green)
  • solid glue

Now that you have equipped, go to work!
Cut an A4 paper in half and cut half of the edges with scissors in the model, we obtain the work surface. Piece sticks in a carton colored A4 and of felt are cut with ordinary scissors half a circle (more specific the car body).

Two other circles of colored paper (yellow) is cut out for wheels, wheels to decorate and complete with buttons and pen drawings.

Stick the car in the left panel, wheels and fired a permanent marker 2 lines to fill the car image, if you can stick a flea on it.

It seems like we had also two wooden pegs. Since they get two trees whose crown is cut out of colored paper and uneven spiral watercolor paints.

We left the road, cloud and hills, which are painted.
Here’s how easy you made a car of felt.

Cardboard Car

All you need here is cardboard and glue.

We start with picking the color of the car by coloring the cardboard with colored pencils. Let your kid decide what color he wants. After that you should also decide what model you want to make and the size of the car. After that you and the kid have to contour the car’s pieces one by one.  After doing that you should start putting the pieces together using efficient glue.

You can try also to bend a little the cardboard to create a model that look more real and nice. Do not forget the doors. Use your imagination! You can create also some lock for the doors. The kid will be very pleased to do that. The more it looks as a real one, the more satisfaction will come.

After that you can mount the wheels and the car is ready to go. It is fun and also very easy to do.

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