Put a smile on you kid’s face with these fun easy to-do crafts for toddlers.

1.Personalized shirt

You will need a shirt, acrylic fabric paint and markers, plastic plate, a large piece of cardboard.
1. Place the cardboard under the shirt so the paint won’t stain the back of the shirt.
2. Squirt the paint on the plastic plate and apply to shirt using the fingers. Let your little one have fun and create an unique pattern.
3. After you dry the paint use the markers to make faces, flowers and other models. Remove the cardboard when it’s done.

2. Hand print animals – Lion, elephant and octopus

Make sure you have gray, purple and yellow paint and gray and yellow construction paper, white paper, scissors, glue and black marker.
1. Squish the paint into your palm and make a hand print for each color on the white paper. Turn the paper upside-down.
2. On the yellow paper cut a circle and cut slits around it. Draw a lion face in the middle with the marker and glue it on the print above the little finger.
3. On the gray paper cut an elephant year and glue it to the side of the thumb. Draw the eye using the marker.
4. On the top of the purple print draw a smiley face with the black marker. Your animals are ready!

3. The colorful print butterfly

If for the first two crafts for toddlers we used the hands, for this one we will also get our feet dirty. You will need yellow, red, green and orange construction paper, black crayon, wiggly eyes, a small pom-pom, scissors and glue.
1. Trace a foot on the orange paper using the crayon and cut it out. Do the same with the hands on the other pieces pf construction paper. You will need three left hand prints and three right hand prints. Cut all of them out.
2. Glue the left hand prints on the left side of the foot with the fingers facing outward. Glue the right prints on the right side, fingers facing outward.
3. Glue the wiggly eyes and the pom-pom on the foot and use the crayon to draw the mouth, eyelashes and eyebrows.
4. Cut paper antennas and glue them backside on the top of the butterfly body. You can write names or messages on the butterfly wings and even use it as a birthday card.

It’s as simple as it could be: get the materials you need and let the fun begin with these amazing easy to-do crafts for toddlers!

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